Two obscure httpd module RPMs.

The company I work for requires that all software be installed on our dev/beta/production systems via package manager.

The benefits are obvious.

  • Software installation is repeatable, so we can be assured that the software is identical on each machine.
  • Updates can be distributed to all the machines using a YUM repository.

From time to time I will make these packages available if existing RPMs are not available from one of the third party repositories that I use. Today, I had to build two new packages for fairly obscure httpd modules. These will be rolling out in the coming months, and thus the packages needed prepared for our dev environment.

  1. mod_upload_progress.c:
    Tracks HTTP uploads inside the Apache webserver so that client-side javascript code can provide progress information to the user.
  2. mod_xsendfile.c:
    Allows a web application to offload sending of files to the client to Apache. This is useful when access is restricted using a web application. Once the client is authorized to access the file, the application can instruct Apache to send the file using an efficient method.

Both of these are available via my staging repository. The OS we use and test on is CentOS 5.5 currently, so YMMV with other distros/versions.

I hope they prove useful to somebody!

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